Friday, July 31, 2009


I've been wanting to make something large scale with crochet but I hadn't fully managed to do something until after finishing school. I wanted something that would spark my creativity. There was a teacher I had who said, "You don't wait to become inspired to do something. You work until you are inspired to something"... and you just keep working. So what I've been doing is a series of projects that will fuel my next real project about there only being one race, which is human. My quilt is for my brother and is about his favorite video games to play growing up. I want to try and include as many characters as possible while still retaining a good composition.

I also did a video using my bunny imposters that I made awhile ago. I think I'm going to put on my list a spoof Art:21 video because I think I want to have a more real take on how I do my art now. It might change my perspective on where I evolved professionally.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vellum Romance

This artwork is currently in the Gallery labeled Water Closet. (ha ha) I love it though. It's about sweet romance if it wasn't obvious enough. I'm in love with it everytime I look at it because I used a series of sketches to create it.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I made these letters inspired from the Aeropostale Hoodies and sweat pants.... I can't seem to find a nice hoodie to put them on... I want to make it Casual Sweet Lolita.... Um... I cut up my shirt to make one set and used fabric for the other...

Watercolor Romance

I'm still working on my watercolor skills. I just got a new watercolor set but I wanted to mostly used my old watercolors... This was the result. My boyfriend loves this. I was able to capture him better than myself.. surprising...

Tranquil Ice Cream

So my idea to make shrinky dink jewelry turned into a total bust because I was unsure of whether the paper was ink jet printer compatible.... definitely not .... so after sitting there contemplating what to do with the disasters I decided to make transfers with polymer clay.... They worked! And now I'm in love... this necklace is based of a doodle that I did a long time ago.