Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Polymer Fun

So I've been inspired but also feeling a little poor. I wanted to order all this Dessert Food Jewelry online but I don't have the money to throw out. Designing with my friend Amy, we came up with some cute creations. I made a Ribbon Holic inspired charm for a necklace, a cupcake charm, and a cupcake ring.

I'm also working on some painting but with little luck. I really need to put a sketchbook in my purse to save all the drawings i do instead of putting them on random pieces of paper.

I'm working on my first mostly successful knitted work. A extra wide scarf. It's very plain right now but I'm adding embellishments.

Life is so crazy. I'm nervous about all the things that are approaching but I need to move with my art.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crochet Season Approaching

Break out the hooks and needles and prepare to be amazed.. I'm going to try things I'd never done before and hopefully fall in love with all the products. I've been doing a lot of sewing... My dresses turned into skirts but I'm still happy with them.. I still have so many things I want to accomplish before school starts.... Sigh... I'll just continue my work through school... Who knows what kind of job I could get anyway.

This is a hat I made recently.

One of the skirts I made to wear to an anime convention.

The other skirt and one of the bows I made for the convention.

One of the skirts I'm working on.

So much work to be done. I'm looking to do some printing on t-shirts in the next couple weeks... Hopefully to sell but also looking to barter for the things I covet most like food jewelry.... and evening gowns.. well I can make my own evening gowns....