Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lichtenstein mixed with Carebear

Ok so my theory is to teach students in a manner to make them interested in art. Cartoons are a love for them so I taught them about artists with the technique and used cartoons as the fuel for the fire.

Boots Chuck Close Inspired

A painting done as a teacher example for using a cartoon character to learn how to draw with seeing and painting with patience.

Skull in Pointillism

I did this during the school year with my students for a lesson about Seurat Pointillism. Crayon on Paper.

Batman for my Boyfriend -- Series finished for now.

So my boyfriend has love for superheroes and comics. What boy doesn't really. He asked me a while ago to make a series for him of 4 favorite heroes. Finally the mission is complete. He pushed me asking for more and more details. I found images of the heroes and made painted reproductions of them with my own interpretations in some areas.

Picture from my living room.

Since I don't have a current picture of most of the new paintings in my apartment, I thought I'd just show one. This is a flowers inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and my fascination with circles.

Work in My Apartment

I haven't been slacking,... just getting a lot of moving and work done without posting it on the internet.

Picture of my pad! Still working on it but not bad looking. Sewd the pillows. Made the paintings, which the Geisha one has been updated since the picture.