Friday, June 17, 2016

Long time No Post

 I haven't posted on this blog in years. I've had twins, moved several times, and done so much. I think it's time I restart this thing. A few things I've made since I last updated in no particular order

First up is a drawing of Groot I did when I wanted to test if I had lost my ballpoint pen drawing skills. I did this and a picture of Christiano Rinaldo. 

This was a commission done of someone's child.

This is a painting of an alpaca in response to all the flooding of alpaca on Tumblr. 

This is a Totoro in the style of an anime artist I forget the name of. I feel like it's one of the brightest Totoro paintings I've done.

This was my updated response to Audrey Kawasaki's work. It's kind of a self portrait. Kind of not though. I feel like I could reach deeper. 

This is a response towards mixing fine art with Pokemon. I like it but I had originally intended on adding like 5 to 10 more pokemon. 

This is just a painting I did for my twins' nursery. There are several other artwork in their nursery but I will share it at another time. 

This is a Totoro painting done after seeing  work done by Leonid Afremov. My sister asked me to look into his work and it's pretty cool. 

I love doing paintings about Starry Night. I feel like that painting calls me. Anyway, this is a Howl's Moving Castle version that I feel makes a lot of sense. 

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