Sunday, April 27, 2008

The New Series

(Work in Progress, Diva)

So I love hip-hop. There is no clear definition of what hip-hop means to me but I might be able to try and explain it with this new series I'm working on,... I think I want some realism in it too. Animated but also real. Seeing my brother and his friends breaking and bboying/bgirling clinched the idea. I used be really into learning graf writing so I want to incorporate some of that... Also, since my dad used to dj, it would be nice to put that in too. This is going to be fun. So much to plan and sketch out,... maybe I'll make some garments to compliment the paintings.

I was so glad to be this close to the roots... I learned the hard way that my phone sucks for taking pictures at night... lol... But at least I was like 1-2 people away from the stage.. But I missed my brother dancing during performance... meh. He was dancing during Immortal Technique's performance, which I did get to see. I think I want to use the move he did in a painting. It was a spin on his elbow, a move I had not previously seen him do before. So going to the show and seeing that was even better than being in front for The Roots.

I went to some clubs this weekend when Dj Soulstar was spinning.. It was definitely good times. I had not seen digital turntables before then. Yesterday, I saw the original kind of turntables and it was a completely different feel besides the fact that the other dj who I think is BBoy Sean John was playing older styles of music. Sean John was playing a strictly bboy style, I'm pretty sure I heard some stuff playing in the Battle of the Year listings though... hmmm...


Nastassia said...

Excited to see the "Diva Series"!

Really diggin' the piece on your blog.

Keep it up!

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Thanks! I will. :)